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 Build your own Pedal Prix Trike for Human Powered Vehicle racing!

Greenspeed believes in sustainable transport, and thus has been active in helping schools participate in HPV racing since the 1st event in Maryborough, Victoria in 1990.  We provide parts, plans, frames and kits suitable for HPV racing, and many schools have won HPV events using trikes based on Greenspeed designs. We provide a 10% discount to schools on parts, on presentation of an official school order, and our plans are 1/2 price to schools. See Plans Page for our plan details and photos of trikes built from plans.

NEW for 2012 is an entry level HPV Trainer. Called the GT1-R this machine is based on one the largest selling Grenspeed trikes, the GT1 folding trike. This trike has the legendary Greenspeed roadholding and handling suitable for racing, plus higher than normal gears, and the rear brake required by most Padal Prix rules, yet we are making the full kit available to schools for only $1,980, including the 10% discount. The frame is bare, ready to take whatever roll bars etc., that particular rules and teams may require. The fact that this trike can be folded up and put in the boot of a car makes it an ideal trainer, and we know it is usually the best trained teams that win. Full specifications below.

Greenspeed's GT1-R Training Trike

Wheelbase 98 cms
Track 75 cms
Width 83 cms
Length 175 cms
Turning circle 3.7 metres
Wheels 16" x 1 1/2" (40-349) Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
Tyres 16" x 1 1/2" (40 - 349) Greenspeed Scorcher tyres, 40 - 100 psi
Cranks  Drive Line 155 mm
Chainring 60 tooth Sugino
Cassette 8 speed 11/28
Gears 8 speed Shimano
Shifter 8 speed Shimano Bar End
Front brakes 70 mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes
Rear brake  Caliper brake
Seat angle 40 degrees
Seat height 25 cms
Ground clearance 7 cms
Weight 17 kg
Schools' price $1,980
Note:- Due to need for improvements and changes in supply, specifications may change without notice, and photo is for representation only may not be completely accurate in every detail.

Updated IMS 10/9/2012