With welding going on next door, the assembly area became the factory offices of today and the outer factory became the new assembly/dispatch area.
Mello and Mick W joined the team soon after as sales were up to around five per week. Harry moved from assembly to fabrication and this was the team for the next few years.
A third unit was purchased (three in a row, believe it or not!) and the fabrication moved into this, assembly moved into where fabrication was to make more room for both assembly and parts storage. The original unit houses the factory offices and dispatch. Owen joined the Greenspeed team soon after. Mello moved onto another job and was replaced with Paul N. The original office still resides at Ian and Christine's residence in the bungalow out the back, with roadtests and consultation still going on from there until this day. At the time of writing, this is the current configuration of Greenspeed in Australia.

Greenspeed, in it's pursuit to get more trikes to more people with the same quality, started out sourcing one size of the GTO frame. A few companies were approached and it took a while to get the standards that they wanted to achieve. With GTO frames being made for around three years, it was decided by everyone to introduce a cheaper model that had no compromises to the Greenspeed name. The GT3 was this creation and is currently Greenspeed's best seller. February 1st 2005. Go for a tour around the Greenspeed Factory.