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Designed in Canada and made to withstand abuse anywhere in the world. Greenspeed stocks most of the Arkel range. Please contact us for more info or visit Arkel to see its full range of products and information. Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge images.


The GT-18 and the GT-54 are the middle of the range with some of the features of the top of the range, but at a great price. The GT-18BP is the backpack version of the GT-18, great for longer trips off the bike. GT-18   $199 each;
GT-54 $529/pair
GT-18BP $225ea
GT-18 showing backpackGT-18
The RT-40 and the RT-60 are designed specifically to take advantage of the extra room typically available under the seat of recumbents. RT-40 $360/pr;
RT-60 $529/pr
Rt-60 left hand sideRT-60 right hand side
The XM range is designed for off-road use. The bags feature drawstring enclosures. XM-28 $290/pr;
XM-45 $379/pr
The Briefcase is ideal for commuting! Pop your laptop computer inside it, unhook the case upon your arrival and take straight into the office. Briefcase $299 ea
The Briefcase frontsideThe Briefcase backside
The T-28 and T-42 are entry-level bags with high-end features-- you won't be disappointed. T-28 $215/pr;
T-42  $290/pr
T-42 pannier
Arkel makes a range of handlebar bags that fit via a quick releasable bracket. They come also with a shoulder strap. Small Bar Bag $159 ea;
Large Bar Bag $219 ea
Small Bar BagBig Bar Bag
The Tail Rider is a racktop bag with an aerodynamic shape and integrated rain cover. Tail Rider $149 ea
Tail Rider
The Dolphin is a simple rolltop pannier offering great weather protection and easy access. Available in blue only. Dolphin-32 $259pr;
Dolphin-48 $339pr
Dolphin 32 waterproof bag
Basically an armoured rolltop bag that is small enough to fit onto your saddle, the Seat Bag is 100 per cent waterproof. Perfect for little essentials such as your mobile phone. Seat Bag $45 ea
Under Seat Bag
The Basket is a lightweight bag, great for picnics or doing your shopping. Its laces help secure the load and protect it from damage. Basket   $159 ea
The Basket
The Bug is perfect for students and other people who prefer to carry their things around in a backpack. Its shoulder straps can be neatly tucked away under a velcroed flap. Bug $250 ea
The Bug
The Commuter is an attractive alternative to the usual backpack. It is roomy (with space enough for a laptop!) and provides a discreet niche for storing  valuables. Includes a convenient carry strap for use on or off the trike/bike. Commuter $229 ea
Commuter front viewCommuter rear view

Greenspeed also stocks most of the Arkel accessories, including shoulder straps at $21, rain covers for most panniers from $30, and the mounts for the Bar Bags at $39. Hook sets are also available. Please contact us for stock or pricing.




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