The Fastback 4.0


The Fastback 4.0 is a great way to carry water on your Greenspeed and most other trikes! Three liters of water is easily attached to the back of your seat, a perfect place to locate it-- out of the sun and, while still accessible, out of the way in a spot that's not as hospitable to any other luggage.

The 4.0 features two tubing ports and zippered outside pockets for storing keys, money and the like. The pack is easily attached by two adjustable straps, and its top-flap design works well with recumbent headrests.

Optional accessories include:
Clip-on Pump Pack (shown in the picture above)
2- or 3-liter bladder
Accessory Tool Pouch


Contact either your local dealer for prices and availability, or contact us if within Australia.





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