Greenspeed Front Fenders


The GS front fender set is designed to fit onto just about any Greenspeed trike that has a mirror post. This newer design enables you to more permanently fit your mirror post on first; then use a hex key to mount the fender set. The two pinch clamps provide for plenty room for adjustment, up and down on the post, in and out on the bar-end, plus rotation. This allows you to sit it as close as you like, or with heaps of mud clearance. The x3's and x5's will require a specific Cromoly post, one of which is provided with the original purchase.

Prices in AUD unless otherwise stated.


Available in 16" and 20", $149 (USD$123) pr
Extra alloy post, $20 (USD$12) ea
Models x3/x5 cromoly post, $30 (USD$23) ea





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