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We have often been asked by customers about wind trainers that are suitable for the 20"- and 16"-rear wheels on our trikes so that they can exercise on their trikes indoors when the weather is grim outside. Pedal Prix teams have also expressed interest in looking for dynamometers to measure the power output from riders, and to train them for the races. We recently came across a neat trainer that very accurately simulates the drag forces on a trike-- the inertia, the wind drag, and the tyre drag. Thus, a rider's power output can be just as accurately measured on this trainer as on a dynamometer costing thousands of dollars! This output is simply measured by a special cycle computer which calculates the rider's power according to rear wheel RPM.

The ride on this trainer is very realistic because it accurately simulates all three forces that come into play when one rides a bike or trike on level road. The trainer has a large flywheel which matches, for one, the inertia of the trike plus its rider. Then the fluid resistance system matches the cube power-resistance factor that is due to the air resistance confronting a trike ridden on the open road. Finally, the pressure of the roller against the trike's tyre simulates the tyre rolling resistance of the same vehicle on level road. 

For larger riders a larger flywheel is available. The standard trainer suits 26"- and 700c- wheels. Wheels smaller than 22" would require the optional Small Wheel Adaptor, which suits wheels down to 16", the size used on our gt3, gt5 and x-Series trikes.

The machine is very quiet. It has massive cooling fins and will absorb up to three (3) kw of power, so there will be no problem even if you are an Olympic athlete! The power-resistance unit has a magnetic coupling, which means there are no rotating fluid seals that could leak in this unit. The only faults we found are, it takes some time to adjust between accommodating a trike and a road bike; and the maker's website seems very slow to load. We've therefore copied the manual to our website for customers who are interested in the nuts and bolts -- see: Kinetic Trainer Manual

For more info, please see:   Having tested this trainer, we consider it to be the best on the market so far and we would recommend it.


Road Machine - Fluid Trainer,  $599 
Pro Trainer - Fluid Trainer,  $799
Small Wheel Adaptor,  $59.95 
Power Computer,  $89.95 
Riser Ring,  $39.95 
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 X5 on trainer
With X5

Large flywheel
Large flywheel

Resistance unit
Resistance unit with large cooling fins

Power computer
Power computer