Magura BIG disc brakes


Magura has been making hydraulic components in Germany for many years, for both motorcycles and bicycles. The BIG brakes are no exception, designed for use on quad bikes and various heavy-duty machines. We have tested them to red-heat-- and we trust them so much so that they are now standard equipment on our tandem trikes with 210 mm rotors. (gtt). 

One of the BIG's attributes is that the brakes are made in a left and right caliper. This is a much better format for trikes as both calipers are mounted in exactly the same way, rather than one being upside-down, where the rotor may be running the wrong way in one caliper. The earlier GTT Sachs and Hope closed system disc brakes can be converted to the Magura BIG - prices below.

A brakeset, with just the one lever operating both calipers, is also available. Known as the BIG Twin, this is nifty news for riders who require all controls on the one handle.


Magura BIG Single (per side),  $400

Magura BIG Twin (per set),  $600

New Kingpins to suit Magura BIG (per side), $170

Kingpin conversion cost (per side),  $100




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