Darwin to Ayers Rock by trike, that's a whole lot of riding across the Australian desert to raise money for WaterAid. Read about his challenge.
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BentRider Online has roadtested the X5 and the Greenspeed Scorcher tires, X5 here and Scorchers here
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Scorcher tyres information

A user manual is now available in a PDF download from here.

We have heard accounts of some customers losing the brake pads from their calipers! This was due to the clip located at the end of the retaining pin that holds the brake pads in coming off. A pic of the new clip is above, so if it looks like that, you're all good!

We have contacted the manufacturer, who were already addressing the problem. Replacement clips will be available very soon, so if you own a trike equipped with Gator brakes, please email Jerome to have the clips sent to you as soon as they are available. We will also be receiving a paper version of the user manual, so contact Paul for that too if needed:-)

Greenspeed goes racing, read about it here