Reviews, Opinions & Comments on Greenspeed Trikes

Those who have ridden a Greenspeed trike are not hesitant to share their comments. They have excellent reasons as you will discover as you browse through their statements below.

Sources of opinions & comments:

Owners' say...
"The sudden acceleration, light and positive steering, fast cornering and powerful braking are an experience not to be missed. The Greenspeed is an electrifying ride, making my slugish body feel like a powerful engine."
Jim McGurn "Encycleopedia" 1993/4, U.K
"I enjoyed the ride immensely. The trike was just what I needed . For me the greatest benefit from the trike was the stability and the ease of handling."
Diane Eager, Canberra, Australia
"The Greenspeed is great. You ride like on rails even when it's very icy. You don't feel so cold because of the lieing position"
Andreas Falschlunger, Schwoich, Austria
"What a marvellous other life it was! Fourteen months, 206 riding days, 15,035 km. That was our ride around Australia. The Greenspeeds did not let let us down once. In fact the trikes, now sitting in the garage, look at us as though to say: 'Come on, we can do it again!'"
Val Wright & Eric Butcher, Ocean Grove, Australia
"The strength and durability of the machine is quite remarkable and is a credit to you."
Tony Wheal, Hoppers Crossing, Australia
"I will check the alignment but I think it (tyre wear) has been due to my inablity to control myself on those corners! It is the best toy I have acquired."
Dr. Lincoln Brett, Perth, Australia
the Press says...
"The trike is beautiful. The design of your trike is the best I've seen. Boy is this thing low! And a blast to ride! I have never experienced a trike with this of good handling and super positive and light steering. The steering/front end geometry is fantastic, the best I've tried. I don't know exactly how you've done it, but I can clearly see that trikes are your specialty. The brakes are hooked up independently, but you can brake on 100% on one side with no proplem. It is certainly the most well-balanced trike I've ever tried. It seems to be impossible to lift up the rear wheel, and the turning radius is super tiny. I am riding around in circles in the width of my driveway.

As for the craftsmanship, the frame tubes are excellent, some are hand ovalized-on only one end. The boom is excuisite. There is some kind of liner tube in there (3 section boom?). The frame with integral trianglulated seat (as part of the frame) is a great design. It's stiff, but very light at the same time. The stiffness and strength of the seat, handlebars and all systems together seem to offer the durability (and gorgeous simplicity) that is missing from the Trice, Windcheetah and others. I can tell that the frame is MIG welded, rather than TIG. The MIG welding is very fine and the trike looks like a high-end unit. I must say that I have seen nicer weld beads onTIG welded recumbents / trikes, but never nicer MIG beads. This is fine with me, and I the craftsmanship of the trike is overall the best I've seen on any trike. I will enjoy testing this trike!"

Robert J. Bryant, Recumbent Cyclist News, USA
For a complete review and comprehensive road test of the Greenspeed GTR 20/20 trike, readers are directed to Issue #30 of Recumbent Cyclist News (Oct/Nov/Dec 1995). Also in that issue are articles on the history of Greenspeed and Trike Design 101. For subscription information, please contact Robert J. Bryant, editor/publisher of Recumbent Cyclist News. RCN is the planet's leading source of recumbent information and is published 6 times annually.
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