Greenspeed Owners' personal Web Pages


See pictures of trike owners on their Greenspeed's and read their comments and stories. Click on web site links to visit owners web sites, and/or email them.

  Keith and Laura   Keith and Laura Serxner
GTT 20/20 Tandem
  Bill and Jan   Bill & Jan Long
GTO 20/20 Tourers
    Kevin Graham
  Diana   Diana Mirkin
GTC 16/16 Compact

  Richard Guy Briggs   Richard Guy Briggs
GTV 20/20 Tandem/Solo
  Steve   Steve Wood
GTT 20/20 Tandem
  Jeff   Jeff McLean
GRT 20/26 (original tourer before the GTR)
  Karen   Karen Darke
GTT 20/20 Hand Tandem
  Kevin   Kevin Atkins
GTT 20/20 Tandem, GTO 20/20 Tourer
An excellent resource page for GS owners
  Giles   Giles Puckett
Homebuilt Greenspeed with Fairing
  Kay and Paul   Kay Dwyer and Paul Matthews
GTT 20/20 Tandem Trike
  Jeremy and Lauren   Jeremy and Lauren Frank
GTT/S2 Tandem Trike
  Rob and Helen   Rob Duncan & Helen Daily (+Bob the Kelpie)
GTE Expedition Trikes (built from Tube Kits)
    Charlie Bell
GTE 20/20 Expedition Trike
    Steve and Cynthia Doroghazi
GTT Tandem Trike

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