Greenspeed Trike Plans
Think you've got what it takes to make your own Greenspeed? Well, below are the plans we currently have available for your use. 

When you've made a choice, email Ching and she will arrange payment and have them sent out to you.


NOTE: A set of plans contains approximately a dozen detailed drawings,   plus instructions.  


Cost (AUD)
 gt     16/20 Child's Trike  $120
 gbr   20/26 SWB Bike  $120
 gtr    20/20 Touring Trike  $240
 gts   20/20 Sports Tourer Trike  $240
 glr    Race Trike $240
 slr    Super Low Race Trike $240

GTR Touring Trike



GTS Sport Tourer



GLR Race Trike



SLR Super Low Race Trike