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We are committed to promoting the use of human-powered vehicles (HPVs) as a means of reducing the pollution and ill health on this planet, caused by the inappropriate and wanton use of fossil-fuelled modes of transport. 

As part of this commitment we are distributors in Australia for a number of overseas publications which catalogue and promote the use of HPVs.  People interested in buying, building or working on HPVs will find them invaluable resources.

This page provides a brief review of these publications, links to the their respective home pages, and contact details. For customers in Australia and New Zealand, there is a link to our order form at the end of this section-- we accept credit cards, money orders and personal cheques.



VeloVision, No.27 Contents page Page 24 Page 26

                                                                                                                                   VeloVision is published by Peter Eland, the former editor of Open Road's Bicycle Culture Quarterly.  It carries on the latter's tradition of a high-quality bicycle magazine, bringing news of recumbents and other interesting and unusual cycles. It shows the depth and beauty of cycling culture around the globe, with world-class photography, in-depth journalism and brilliant layout.

Above is a sample issue. For the full range of VeloVision issues (going all the way back to its inception in 2001), including a preview of 'Contents' pages, visit the magazine's website (details below). Hard copies of some back issues that may no longer be available at the publisher's are still available at the Greenspeed office.

FREE offer (while stocks last)!

If you live in Oz and would like a free introductory copy of VeloVision, just email , copying this offer to your email.


VeloVision is published by Peter Eland
Phone +44 1904 438 224   Fax +44 1904 438 236





No.1 93/94 No.2 94/95 No.3 '96 No.4 '97
No.5 1999 No.6 2001 No.7 2002/3

EnCYCLEopedia is a full-colour worldwide catalogue which showcases the best machines available in alternative cycling.  Here we find a multitude of unique machines that break the mould of the boring, uninspired, antiquated diamond-framed bike. These machines are the products of many designers, all striving to create a fresh and better take on the century-old safety bike.

While not published since 2002, this, in our opinion, is THE book for cycling aficionados, retailers and other buyers, and for designers looking for stimulation.  It covers recumbents, folders, trikes, load carriers, trailers, portables, tandems, triplets, sociables and quadricycles, among others. Plus accessories, shops, and manufacturers.

For more information see


                 Recumbent Cyclist News

RCN # 49 RCN # 50 RCN # 51 RCN # 52

The Recumbent Cyclist News is a U.S. publication devoted solely to recumbent cycles. It features in-depth reports of road tests on American and overseas recumbents, as well as an annual Buyer's Guide, interviews, commentary, advice, touring stories and, of course, news. The Greenspeed gtr was tested in RCN #30, the gts in RCN #51, and the gto in RCN #69.

RCN back issues #24 through to #100 are available at Greenspeed. 

Special price reduction, $2 each, plus postage, while stocks last!

RCN was published by Robert J. Bryant,
PO Box 2048, Port Townsend, WA  98368, USA



Three Wheels, Two Continents, One People - by Jeff McLean

Cover Vietnam Turkey
                                                                                                                                                    A REVIEW:

McLean, J. Three Wheels.... Steer Pty, Airport West, Victoria, Australia, 2001, 255pp.

Jeff McLean bought his Greenspeed way back in 1991, the first year we started producing trikes for sale. In fact his was only the tenth Greenspeed trike built: an early grt 20/26 tourer. Jeff used this on a number of Great Victorian Bike Rides-- nine-days rides involving some 600 kms and about 4,000 riders. During the ride, Jeff took on the role of disc jockey for the ride radio station, Bike FM, that was set up by evening at each camp site. By day he encouraged riders with music from a ghetto blaster mounted on the back of his trike.

Jeff is one of these people who always seems to be smiling (like many Greenspeed riders, or so we like to think). In 1997 he bought a one-way ticket to Ho Chi Minh City, and set off with his trusty old trike to ride right across Asia and Europe all the way to London in the U.K.

To say the road conditions were sometimes tough seems an understatement. As he reports: "Their roads can be shocking. My back wheel was flexing so much over the sharp rocks and broken tarmac that, in low gear, the rear derailleur would rub against the spokes frequently. 10km/h was a speed befitting the gods". But Jeff and the trike made it right through to London.

I found the book fascinating, with its full-colour photos and Jeff recounting his many adventures in far-off lands with cultures VERY different to our own. I loved his sense of humour, which shines through its 250 pages.  For those people contemplating trike-touring in Asia, I recommend the book as essential reading!

-- Ian Sims  (June 2001)


Copies for $25AUD. Postage & handling: Overseas airmail, $13AUD; Within Australia, $5.00.     



                 HPV CD

1997 HPV CD

'97 HPV CD

The HPV CD is an immense collection of HPV images and information, containing about 10,000 images and providing 40 hours of viewing.  It offers information about events, organisations, press, products, and shops. As well as land HPVs, it features pictures and information on rail, water and air HPVs.

The HPV CD is produced by Oliver Zechlin,
Rudolf-Breitscheid Str.10, D0-90547 Stein, Germany.



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