Greenspeed Technical Page

Below are links to various manuals and other technical information, plus a picture of some tools you may require to keep your Greenspeed in tiptop shape.

Anura 2011 Manual (7.4MB PDF)
Anura Owner's Manual (1.8MB PDF)
Greenspeed Owner's Manual, most models link
GT Series II/X Series Owner's Manual (10 MB PDF)
GT3/5 Series I Owner's Manual (3.3MB PDF)

Greenspeed Chain Gobbler Fitting Instructions

Drum Brake Truing Instructions

Magnum Owner's Manual
Magnum Quick Release Adjustment

Magnum Accessories - Photos and Fitting Instructions
Magnum Assembly Instructions 1 - Front Wheels (218M mp4 video)
Magnum Assembly Instructions 2 - Rear Wheel (123M mp4 video)
Magnum Assembly Instructions 2a - Dropouts (20M mp4 video)
Magnum Assembly Instructions 3 - Drive Train (118M mp4 video)
Magnum Assembly Instructions 4 - Seat (128M mp4 video)
Magnum Assembly Instructions 5 - Pedals, F/D &CT (219M mp4 video)

Dura Ace/Jagwire Shifter Instructions link

Measuring Yourself here
Frequently Asked Questions here
Gator Disc Brake Manual (PDF)

Schlumpf Mountain Drive Manual (pdf 17Mb)
SRAM Dual Drive manual 6.9Mb PDF or 1.2Mb Word doc
Sachs Powerdisc exploded view 680Kb PDF
Magura BIG (same as 2002 Julie/Clara) 2.1Mb PDF
Hope Disc Brake Manual 204Kb PDF
Anura Avid disc brake 84Kb PDF
SACHS/SPECTRO 3x7 Manual (and other hubs) 2Mb PDF
Sigma BC 800 cycle computer manual 569Kb PDF

We often get requests for travel cases. Bike Pro USA makes the "Folding Bike Case" which fits our GTOs, GT series, and X series coupled and folding trikes-- go to their website for more info.