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Magnum Greenspeed's first tadpole trike with an aluminium frame, and a seat which adjusts for height and angle. This is a very refined, yet rugged trike, with 20" wheels and rider limit of 400 lbs. MORE.. $3,290
Hand Magnum The Hand Magnum brings the Magnum's versatility to hand cycles. Plus the column folds forward for easy entry and exit, plus the gear range is extended with the SRAM 3x9 hub, giving 54 gears. MORE..

GT1 Series II The 2013 gt model for commuters and other customers who want Greenspeed quality at a bargain price. Unlike the earlier 2008 model which had an eight speed hub, the 2013 model has 24 speeds. GT1
GT3 Series II The gt3 just got better-- Series II  features revised steering and much more! This was the original folding trike to fit into compact spaces. Videos showing fold and ride. GT3
GT5 Series II The upgraded gt3 with disc brakes and lighter components. GT5
X3 Sport The 27-speed sports folder with cambered wheels, advanced steering geometry and reliable drum brakes. Hand made in Australia. X3
X5 Sport The upgraded x3 with disc brakes, lighter components and lighter wheels. Hand made in Australia. X5
Anura Greenspeed's delta trike, with disc brakes and a rear differential. Superior comfort, easy mounting, a higher seating position. Great for people getting back into cycling or even those starting out! ANURA
Anura Quad Not a trike, but a four wheeler! Adding an extra wheel to the Anura has completely transformed it, and made it even more stable! MORE.. $3,435
GTT TandemTrike  

A trike for two. Greenspeed's legendary tandem trike can be built to take almost anything. Available with 2 x S&S or 5 x S&S bicycle torque couplings. Hand made in Australia.


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