What are the benefits of e-MTBs?

Electric assist mountain bikes, or e-MTBs, are mountain bikes that amplify the power of pedalling with the help of motors. These bikes are a hybrid of traditional and electric rides and boast superior qualities to a bicycle with pedals. The riders control the added motor power to the pedal strokes according to their preference. And with several customisation options along the rechargeable battery-powered system, there are multiple benefits of e-MTBs. 

While e-MTBs are rising in popularity, curiosity in the community is at its peak. Many questions have surfaced about the usefulness of electric mountain bikes. Mainly the benefits of e-MTBs, these hybrid transportation devices have numerous advantages. From health to economic benefits, riders are exploring different sectors of its efficiency.

Environmental Benefits

An e-MTB has a very positive effect on the environment; the more people ride them, the more beneficial it becomes to the environment. Keeping that in mind, here we have listed two of the major environmental advantages attached to the use of e-bikes.

Reduced carbon emissions

Electric mountain bikes are mostly subject to zero-emission due to the use of lithium-ion batteries for power. An e-MTB greatly reduces global warming; they emit no pollutants into the earth’s atmosphere. It is said that using electric mountain bikes can decrease at least 500 pounds of carbon emissions every year. That said, using electric bikes greatly reduces air pollution like smog and soot.

Low noise levels

Electric bikes do not produce high noise levels, which means they don’t contribute to noise pollution. Even the fastest e-bikes are relatively quiet, with some saying that the sound of a good e-bike motor is similar to that of a person pedalling a traditional bike. It is one of the best features of an electric bike, especially if you are riding to explore and do not want the noise of the motor to disturb the surroundings. However, e-bikes can make noise when necessary, such as using a bell to alert pedestrians or other vehicles.

physical benefits of e-mtbs

Physical Benefits

Electric Mountain Bikes are especially beneficial for different riding situations. It supports the rider by assisting with numerous riding conditions around hard geographical terrains and longer rides.

Ability to tackle difficult terrain

Many electric bikes are designed to be ridden in any weather and on any surface, making them a reliable mode of transportation. These e-bikes can be customised to help you maintain stability in rough conditions, such as snow, rain, or windy weather. One of the major advantages of an electric bike is its ease of riding over rough terrain and up hills, which can be a struggle for some people. They can handle everything from city commuting to challenging mountain trails; these electric mountain bikes are built well and lightweight compared to other modes of transportation.

Reduced fatigue on long rides

The motor-assist feature of electric mountain bikes significantly reduces the rider’s physical strain while pedalling. With a traditional bike, one can only use the power generated by their pedalling, whereas an e-MTB provides additional power to assist in rides. It means you can exert less physical effort while riding an e-MTB, allowing you to travel further distances. Compared to other types of bikes, riders can go longer distances on an e-MTB.

Improved physical fitness

Riding a bike provides a full-body workout, using both your legs and your arms, shoulders, and core. It’s similar to swimming, but you are gliding through the air instead of water. When you ride an e-bike, you are getting exercise, burning fat and flushing toxins out of your body. Riding regularly in a timely fashion, pushing uphill and downhill through challenging terrains or just going on a stroll, an e-bike can immensely contribute to the rider’s physical fitness.

Economic Benefits

Economically, e-MTB is one of the best things a rider can invest in. It cuts expenses on several corners, from maintenance to the use of fuel and more. Below are some of the major economic advantages of using an e-MTB.

Reduced fuel costs

Even the fastest e-bikes run on sustainable energy, which means they operate on batteries and don’t require gasoline. Even when these electric mountain bike batteries aren’t charged, one can pedal to their destination. The ability to run on electrical charge reduces the necessity of using fuels. The fuel price has notoriously got to a very expensive range throughout the years and only keeps increasing with time; switching to e-bikes will help you lower these fuel costs.

Low maintenance costs

An e-MTB is also subject to regular maintenance, but the cost per maintenance is relatively lower than other means of transportation. This low maintenance cost is one of the most valuable benefits of e-MTBs. The parts used on an e-MTB are mostly cheaper than a car or traditional bike’s components, and riders with some knowledge can do most of the servicing and maintenance by themselves. The complex part of an e-MTB is its battery and motor; these are robust and of high reliability; an e-MTB can function well for months, if not years.

Potential for tax incentives 

A well-known charity organisation, “We Ride Australia”, has proposed a subsidy program that offers a 25% rebate on the purchase of an e-bike. It goes up to a maximum of $500 per e-bike for any Australian adult. This rebate proposition is designed to be claimed while purchasing the product at a retailer and is limited to one e-bike per person. The maximum rebate for e-bikes is priced at $2,000 or less, but the program suggests application to even more expensive options. The Australian government is advised to provide a rebate to the retailer after every purchase.

Social Benefits

While there are some easily seen benefits, electric mountain bikes are also known for their ability to socialise people. They give the riders a better and more interactive experience of exploring the communities.

Increased accessibility for people with disabilities or limited mobility

Adaptive electric mountain bikes are the term used for e-bikes especially customised for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Although traditional handcycles and recumbent bikes are abundantly found, the option of e-assist is evolving the world of transport even in this sector. These specially designed e-bikes push the boundaries for people with disabilities or limited mobility, providing ease of access and an option for self-reliability.

Ability to ride with a wider range of skill levels

One of the major benefits of e-MTBs is their ease of riding; the assistance of motors make it easy for riders to claim greater feats while riding. It allows professionals to not pedal or pedal light in certain situations. Instead, the motor actively contributes to the e-MTB’s speed, giving enough room for pro riders to focus on their riding skills. 

Potential for increased bike sharing and bike-based tourism

Bike-sharing programs allow tourists to easily explore a city at their own pace, making stops at attractions and local businesses along the way. In addition, it can help distribute the economic benefits of tourism more widely throughout a community rather than just concentrated in city centres and tourist hotspots. 

The popularity of e-bikes and bike-sharing programs results in a more local, authentic, and environmentally friendly experience. The tourists won’t be tired due to the motor assist while pedalling and can also access local neighbourhoods, cultural areas, and tourist sites with more closure on e-bikes than tour buses, or public transportation.


Electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) are mountain bikes that have motors that assist the rider’s pedalling power—the benefits of e-MTBs range from economic to physical aspects of the rider’s life. Compared to traditional bicycles, e-bikes’ have numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, low noise levels, the ability to tackle difficult terrain, reduced fatigue on long rides, improved physical fitness, reduced fuel costs, and potential savings on maintenance.

Although electric mountain bikes boast several benefits, only some know or get to utilise them all. There are several other benefits of riding an e-MTB, and we at Greenspeed are motivated to inform the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, e-MTB bikes are environmentally friendly as they emit minimal carbon emissions.

While some e-MTBs are designed for jumping in trails, some are heavy and cannot perform well in such situations.

Yes, e-MTBs are a healthy option for the rider’s fitness.

Yes, eBikes help riders reduce excess weight in targeted areas.

While some eBikes are made for long-distance travel, most e-MTBs are designed for shorter trips.

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