Best Bike Lock Brands | In-depth Review

Have you ever parked your bike in a garage, parking stand, or railings and not find it when you return? If you have, you know it is not a pleasing feeling! For us bike lovers and owners, losing our bikes feels like losing a limb!

So how do you ensure your bike remains safe irrespective of where you park it? Using a simple bicycle lock is a good idea to keep the bike safe.


There are currently several bike lock brands available in the market; choosing the best brand might be challenging. Hence, we penned this article to provide you with the list of the most secure locks and the best bike lock brands. 

Top 3 Best Bike Lock Brands

According to a report, bike thefts in Australia average 12,000 per year, and about 7.5% of these stolen bikes get recovered [1].  True, there are several bike lock manufacturers worldwide, but three big brands stand out for us; Kryptonite, OnGuard, and Abus.

What is it about these brands that give them hero status in the lock industry?

These brands produce locks that are pretty easy to use. Not only that, but their locks are also impossible to break. These two factors make these brands standout performers in the lock market. 

There is more, though!

Let us take an in-depth look at these brands

Kryptonite U-locks

Kryptonite U-lock - A Bike Lock Brand

If you are a superman fan, then you must have heard of Kryptonite, the rock that traces its origin back to Superman’s planet. The idea behind naming the company after this rock hinges on how this rock beats Superman every time!

That’s not all. This brand is under a limited trademark agreement with the producers of the superman movie (DC Comics). This agreement dates back to 1983. Pretty old, right? Kryptonite locks have been in circulation for a long time! This attests to their durability and high quality.

This bike lock has a basic design.

  • Made from hardened steel
  • A circular cross-section of steel has a U-shape, a result of bending
  • Removable crossbar

This design sounds familiar. The sole reason being that due to its effectiveness, other manufacturers have adopted it. Furthermore, Kryptonite introduces ATPO (Anti-Theft Protection Offer).

ATPO places Kryptonite locks head and shoulders above other locks. 

What does it do?

With ATPO, registered customers get refunds for a specific monetary amount if they lose their bikes [2]. You can only activate this clause if your bike gets stolen as a result of opening or breaking Kryptonite locks by force.

You must note that this offer is only available for some selected Kryptonite locks.

Abus lock for bikes

Are you looking for a bike lock with a reputation for withstanding the most adverse weather conditions? Abus Bike lock is just what you need. Their bike locks made under the best conditions exude quality, durability, and reliability.

Grab hold of this lock, and you would attest to its quality—most locks produced by this brand spot a double bolt, which improves its security rating.

The steel used for the production of this product has the ideal strength to weight ratio. 

Let’s explain. 

There is an assumption that the heavier the steel, the stronger it is. While this assumption holds most cases, Abus brands boast of locks made from the strongest steel and yet lightweight.

It is a German brand and one of the lock brands that manufacture its products in Europe. This bit of information makes all the difference if you consider that European steel is stronger than Chinese steel.

Additionally, manufacturing occurs in Germany means the brand has closer control over the production process. This makes it easier for the brand to monitor its products, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Read this guide also abus folding lock if you need a folding bicycle lock.

OnGuard Bike Locks

Unlike the two lock brands we have discussed already, OnGuard’s reputation for quality is not ideal. This reputation has nothing to do with the security of their locks but rather with how reliable the locks are.

However, with the recent advancement in technology, OnGuard locks have refined their production techniques. Hence the recent marked improvement in the quality, durability, and reliability of their locks. 

OnGuard bike locks are cheaper than their counterparts. Users complain of problems like jammed and sticking locks. Although you could take care of this problem through regular cleaning and lubrication, it places OnGuard below Kryptonite and Abus.

Recent models of OnGuard bike locks offer your bike optimal protection. They feature the latest innovations in technology. They are also easy to use and come at mouth-watering prices.


This article sheds some light on the best bike lock brands that will keep your bike free from theft. We have examined Kryptonite, Abus, and OnGuard. Kryptonite and Abus trump OnGuard locks as regards the quality and reliability of the product. 

OnGuard, on the other hand, is more pocket-friendly, ideal for commuters, students, and families. While their quality is not up there with the best, OnGuard locks keep your bike safe in public spaces.

According to Australian federal police, Locking your bike, especially when you are in a public place, protects it from theft [3].

Still on the fence as regards the best bicycle and ebike locks for your needs? These questions might help;

  • Where do you often park your bike?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a bike lock?


Yes. With Abus Locks, you get the full package in both quality and reliability. Made in German, their locks are of high quality and can withstand adverse environmental and weather conditions. When you hold an Abus lock, you feel its quality. 

Most lock models of this brand are double bolted, improving its security. They are also lightweight and do not break.

Frankly, your choice depends on your lock needs. Each brand excels in different aspects. While Abus stands tall in quality and reliability, Kryptonite excels in customer service, and OnGuard is cheap. But if you are looking for a lock that provides the best weight to strength ratio and weather-resistant, Abus is ideal.

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