Best Cycling Sunglasses Australia [Top 4 Picks 2023]

The best cycling sunglasses will protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, dirt, debris, and bugs. So needless to say, these are an essential cycling accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Looking for the best cycling sunglasses in Australia? Our guide will help you find the perfect pair as we review the top four cycling shades available and explore what makes a great pair.

Best Overall

Flux AVENTO Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These sunnies are the number one bestseller in the Men’s Sports Sunglasses category on Amazon Australia, certainly, over 350 4.5 star ratings can’t be wrong.

Top Four Best Cycling Sunglasses

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall Flux AVENTO Polarized Sports Sunglasses Flux AVENTO Polarized Sports Sunglasses
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Best Budget Option Best Budget Option SNOWLEDGE Polarized Cycling Glasses SNOWLEDGE Polarized Cycling Glasses
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Shimano Technium - Ridescape Eyewear Shimano Technium – Ridescape Eyewear
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Shimano Aerolite P - Ridescape Bike Eyewear Shimano Aerolite P – Ridescape Bike Eyewear
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1. Flux AVENTO Polarized Sports Sunglasses – (Best Overall)


These sunnies are the number one bestseller in the Men’s Sports Sunglasses category on Amazon Australia, certainly, over 350 4.5 star ratings can’t be wrong.

The Flux Avento glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harsh rays and any flying debris while also looking great. The polarised TAC wraparound lenses provide crystal clear vision and total UV protection and are certified ​​to Australian safety standards.

The lightweight Grilamid frame is scratch and impact resistant and also anti-peel so you can be confident that any accidental drops won’t damage them, plus the reinforced rubber grip ensures they stay on your head in tough riding conditions.

These sunnies are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied with the glasses you can return them for a full refund. Somehow we don’t think you’ll be sending this pair back.

Who was it made for?

These glasses will take you from your leisurely morning cycle through to the dirt trails of mountain biking, and are great for any outdoor enthusiast who wants a pair of sunnies to go from one adrenaline rush to the next.

They are budget-friendly if you don’t want to make a large investment, and they come in four different colourways; red, white, blue, and black, so there’s something for everyone.

2. SNOWLEDGE Polarized Cycling Glasses – (Best Budget Option)


These feature-packed cycling shades have something for everyone. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure the ultimate in comfort, but this doesn’t mean they compromise on durability.

They come with five interchangeable lenses so they’re suitable for a range of light and riding conditions. The grey polarised lens is for bright sunny days to block glare, the yellow lens is best for the night, and the pink and transparent lens is best suited to overcast days. All you need to do is partially pull the nose pad down to remove and replace the lens. Super easy to do in just a few seconds so you aren’t wasting valuable cycling time.

They also have an adjustable nose pad so you can cater to any size or shape nose, plus the non-slip rubber arm tips will ensure these glasses stay firmly on your face.

As an added bonus these glasses also come with a lens storage bag, cleaning cloth, polariser test card and a hard case for storage.

Who was it made for?

The beauty of these glasses is that they are made for any cycling enthusiast from a novice to a pro, they are a unisex design and thanks to the adjustable nose pad they can contour to a range of face sizes and shapes. They are competitively priced and also come with the backing of the Amazon Choice award.

The Shimano Technium sunglasses are designed with mountain biking in mind. They feature a wide, single-lens design that is on-trend and a lightweight 26g frame that you’ll barely even notice on your face. The frame has anti-slip temple tips and nose bridge to ensure they’ll stay in place even in the wettest of conditions. However, it’s worthwhile noting that they are fixed and can’t be adjusted like other models.

Additionally, the frame has a special anti-scratch treatment to minimise any damage from accidental drops. The hydrophobic coating, along with the ventilation slits, helps to keep the lenses from fogging up.

The one-piece lens offers full UV protection plus they are designed for optimal clarity and contrast to ensure perfect vision in any situation, and they perform particularly well in dappled light and mixed terrain. And the lenses are interchangeable, so they are suitable for a range of different riding conditions.

Who was it made for?

These glasses are designed for aggressive trail riding adventures. They are made to fit well with a variety of helmets as the arms don’t interfere with the helmet’s retention system, and can be comfortably worn day in day out.

The Aerolite P is another awesome eyewear option from Shimano. They feature rimless panoramic view lenses with Shimano’s patented RideScape technology that allows for optimal clarity and contrast to reduce eyestrain in any environment while simultaneously protecting from the harsh Australian sun. The ultrasonic welding between the lens and the frame reduces distortion and the design hugs the contours of the face to increase eye protection.

For the ultimate in customisation, the rubber nose pad is reversible, featuring different thicknesses on front and back so you can adjust to a fit that’s just right for you. The arm tips have a non-slip pattern for a safe and secure fit.

Similar to the other Shimano sunnies on our list, these also come with the hydrophobic coating to repel water and keep lenses clear, and they also have the special anti-scratch treatment to create impact-resistant glasses.

Who was it made for?

These glasses have been designed for elite cyclists who spend many hours on the road racing and riding. The advanced lens technology combined with the high-performance lightweight frame makes these glasses a unique option.

A man wearing cycling glasses & helmet

Best cycling sunglasses Buying Guide

What should you keep an eye out for in your next pair of cycling sunnies?


Arguably the most important component of your new biking sunglasses is the lens quality. Mirrored lenses are great for shading the eyes from extra bright, sunny conditions. However, if you are cycling in a dark shaded area, or in low light you may want to consider non-mirrored lenses.

You’ve also got the choice between polaroid lenses which are perfect for reducing glare, or photochromatic lenses which act similarly to transition lenses [1].

Continue reading to know about cycling sunglasses under 100.

Nose Bridge

Everyone has a different size and shape nose, therefore it’s important to consider purchasing biking sunglasses that have a nose bridge that’s interchangeable or adjustable. This will allow you to customise the fit to your face and avoid any slippage while riding.


The arms of the best biking sunglasses will fit comfortably and securely around your temple just above your ears, and they should easily stay in place when you’re moving your head side to side or up and down. It’s also important to ensure they aren’t too tight as they’ll cause tension and discomfort when worn for prolonged periods. They should also have little rubber pads that will grip your head to avoid slipping.

When selecting your new pair of cycling shades you should consider the overall size as you need to ensure they won’t be obstructed by your helmet.


The best cycling sunnies will be lightweight yet durable, therefore what they are made from is important. Blended nylon frames are considered one of the most durable and lightweight options, and are best suited to rigorous outdoor sports [2].

There’s a lot of sunglasses on the market, armed with our guide and reviews you’ll be well on your way to finding the best cycling sunnies for your riding kit.

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