Best Folding Electric Bike Australia

Have you decided that you want a folding electric bike? Great idea! Because when browsing for the best e bike, why not look for one you can easily fold and carry with you on the go?

But there are many different – and different quality – folding ebikes out there. That’s why we’ve tried and tested electric bicycles from the best and biggest brands out there to determine the best folding electric bike in Australia.

Are you ready to find out which bike to get?

How We Selected These Bikes

We read as many professional reviews and articles as possible to find the best folding bikes. We also read user feedback on popular cycling forums and retailers’ websites. This informed our decision to focus on full-size bicycles that fold rather than smaller, wheel-based folding bikes commonly referred to as “folding bikes” or “folders.”

We then looked at the most popular full-size folding bikes on the market, focusing on those that received the most positive reviews from both experts and users. We looked at how easy they were to fold and carry and their weight, range, gearing, and braking. We also considered features such as frame type (aluminum is typically lighter and easier to carry than steel), wheel size, and the ability to add accessories such as fenders or a rack.

We had a shortlist of three bikes that we felt were the best folding bikes on the market. We then took them out for several test rides to see how they performed in the real world. We also took them apart and examined the quality of their construction.

The NCM London+ Folding E-Bike was the best folding bike for most people. It’s easy to use and folds down quickly, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality or utility. So if you need a more compact option or want to spend less, the Pandady Folding E-Bike is an excellent choice. And if you’re looking for the lightest possible option, the SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike might be for you.

Best Choice

NCM London+ Folding E-Bike

Battery: 36V 9Ah lithium-ion
Range: Up to 40km range
Wheels: 20″ fat tires
Frame material: Aluminium
Weight: 25.5 kilograms
Colours available: Black
Features and accessories: Good motor for high torque and speed, pedal-assist option, front LED light, charger, disc brakes, rear bag rack

Top 3: Best Electric Folding Bike Brands and Models

Image Name Features
Best Choice Best Choice NCM London+ Folding E-Bike NCM London+ Folding E-Bike
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Range: Up to 40km range
  • Wheels: 20″ fat tires
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Pandady Folding E Bike Pandady Folding E Bike
  • Wheels: 20″ inch
  • Weight: 13 kilograms
  • Frame material: Aluminium alloy
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Best Budget Option Best Budget Option SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike
  • Weight: 16.8 kilograms
  • Wheels: 14″
  • Battery: 36V Lithium Ion Battery
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Below, we’ll show you the best eBikes available this year. These folding electric bikes mix motor power and high-end quality with easy transportability for any urban setting (and beyond).

However, if you do want a bit more extra information on how to find the best e-bike yourself, or what features to look for in a folding e-bike model, then please check out the special section at the bottom of this article.

1. NCM London+ Folding E-Bike – (Best Choice + best value electric bike)


  • Weight: 25.5 kilograms

  • Colours available: Black
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Wheels: 20″ fat tires
  • Range: Up to 40km range
  • Battery: 36V 9Ah lithium-ion

After careful review, the Auswheel came out on top as the best value electric bike available today.

When this bad boy comes cruising around the corner, the first thing you notice is that it has solid tires made for different terrains.

That said, the bicycle comes with a front suspension to make it even more comfortable. The powerful 250W 48V motor and battery system account for high torque and speed to conquer any hills or slopes.

Other features include the pedal-assist option (you can ride it without using the motor as well), the front LED light for safety, and the rear rack for adding a bag or basket for storage space.

And lastly, out of all the electric bicycles with a bikes folding system, the Auswheel is one of the most easily foldable electric bicycles available.

Who is it made for?

Any adult or teen. Due to the size and power of the motor, we do not recommend it for smaller children.

2. Pandady Folding E Bike


  • Weight: 13 kilograms

  • Colours available: Black and White
  • Frame material: Aluminium alloy
  • Wheels: 20″ inch
  • Rims: thickened high carbon steel wheels

This mini mountain e-bike definitely takes the off-road prize. But it’s more than just an off-road mini bike.

You see, this futuristic design is incredibly smart as well. You can fold this bike down into 65cm by 85cm in seconds (literally!). It folds so that you can easily store the frame of the e-bike inside in small places so you never have to leave it outside.

Other features include the anti-skid and anti-vibration tires for impact absorption on bumpy roads and both a red warning light at the rear and a LED headlight at the front for safety.

Who is it made for?

This folding electric bike is suitable for both older teenagers and adults. The recommended height for people using this bike is 135-180cm (4.4-5.9 ft) Tall.

3. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike (Best Budget Option)


  • Weight: 16.8 kilograms

  • Colours available: Black
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheels: 14″
  • Battery: 36V Lithium Ion Battery

We get a lot of questions from people looking for the best electric bike under 1000 dollars. Unfortunately, you won’t find a high-end, top-quality electric folding bicycle for that kind of price. But, with the Swagtron Swagcycle, you’re not far of!

And even though it’s the cheapest folding ebike on this list, it is still a quality product. This lightweight bike is easily folded and transported, while the aluminium frame still ensures durability.

Other features include the adjustable seat and handlebar so you can adjust it according to your size and a battery that recharges in under 5 hours. All in all, this is still a very good electric folding bike.

Who is it made for?

Suitable for both teenagers and adults.

Anatomy of an Electric Folding Bike What You Should Be Aware of:

When you are looking for an electric folding bike, there are a few things you should be mindful of. First, here is a quick guide to help you make the best choice:

Frame: The frame is the most crucial part of the bike. It needs to be strong enough to support the motor and battery, and the rider.

Motor: The motor is what makes the bike move. It should be powerful enough to get you up to speed but not so powerful that it is difficult to control.

Battery: The battery powers the motor. It should be big enough to give you a good range, but not so big that it makes the bike heavy.

Controller: The controller is what you use to control the motor. It should be easy to use to focus on riding the bike, not fiddling with controls.

Display: The display shows you how much power you have left in the battery and other information like your speed. It should be easy to read to keep track of your ride.

Folding Bike Frame Materials:

The most common materials for folding bike frames are aluminium and steel. Aluminium is light and robust, making it a good choice for a folding bike. Steel is strong but is heavier than aluminium. Some high-end folding bikes use titanium or carbon fibre frames, which are lighter and more robust.

Different Types of Folding Mechanisms:

There are several different types of folding mechanisms for folding bikes. The most common type is the side-folding mechanism, which allows the bike to be folded in half sideways. Other folding mechanisms include the centre-folding mechanism, which folds the bike in half from front to back, and the cantilever-folding mechanism, which folds the bike in half from top to bottom.

How to Find the Best Folding e-Bikes

red folding electric bike folded up

Here are a few tips on what to look for in electric folding bikes.


Electric bicycles are a great solution for people who want extra motorized power behind their pedalling. This can make your commute less sweaty and your Sunday glide more leisurely. But with great power comes great responsibility…

For example, a 2018 study in the Netherlands showed that e-bike deaths were on the rise due to (particularly older men) becoming more dangerous in urban traffic as a result of their increased speed (1).

So what does this mean for you when buying an electric bike? You should make sure the bicycle has a sturdy design, preferably with suspension or shock-absorbing tires, so you can more easily keep it under control while speeding through a city. And this shock absorption improves cycling comfort as well (2)!

Furthermore, an easily controllable motor and braking system is important as well.

Lastly, just like with normal bikes, you must have bike lights if you’re planning to cycle in the dark.

Bikes folding functionality

You’re looking for a folding bicycle, so you want to make sure it folds easily and quickly.

You also want the bicycle to not weigh too much if you have to carry it around a city or on public transport during your commute.

Lastly, make sure once folded it’s compact and preferably comes with either small wheels so you can use it as a wheeled suitcase or with a good handle for carrying it.

Check our guide for 20 inch fat tyre electric bike.

Best Folding Bike Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, you may wonder if an electric bike is right. Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among commuters and leisure cyclists looking for a little assistance on the hills or during longer rides.

Folding electric bikes are a great option if you need to save space or want the flexibility to take your bike with you on public transport or in the car. This guide will look at some of Australia’s best folding electric bikes and what to look for when purchasing one.

When choosing an electric bike, it’s important to consider the motor power and battery capacity. The motor power will determine how much assistance the bike can provide, while the battery capacity will affect the range. If you’re planning on using the bike for commuting, you’ll need to ensure that the motor and battery are powerful enough to get you to and from work without running out of juice.

If you’re looking for a leisurely ride around town or on gentle hills, you won’t need as much power and can get away with a smaller battery. Conversely, if you plan to tackle steep hills or longer rides, you’ll need a more powerful motor and a larger battery.

Another important consideration is the weight of the bike. Electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes due to the motor and battery, so make sure you’re comfortable lifting them onto a rack or public transport.

When it comes to folding electric bikes, there are a few different designs to choose from. Some bikes fold in half, while others have a more compact design that can be easily stored in a car or on public transport.

How often you plan on using the bike matters when deciding the money you will spend on your E-bike. A cheaper model might suffice if you only need it for occasional short trips. However, if you plan to use the bike regularly or for longer distances, you’ll need to invest in a more expensive and durable model.

Another thing to consider is what type of terrain you’ll be riding on. A standard electric bike will do fine if you only need the bike for paved roads and pathways. However, if you also want to be able to ride off-road, then you’ll need to choose a folding mountain bike instead.

The last thing to keep in mind is your budget. The more expensive models will offer more features and better quality, but they also have a higher price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to compromise on some features to stay within your price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Electric Folding Bikes?

Electric folding bikes are bicycles that fold up into a small, compact size. They are powered by an electric motor and battery, making them extremely easy to ride and convenient to store.

Why Buy an Electric Folding Bike?

There are many reasons to buy an electric folding bike. If you live in a small apartment or need to commute via public transportation, an electric folding bike can be a great option. Thanks to the electric motor, they are also very easy to ride and can go much further than a traditional bicycle.

Does my folding electric bike have to have small wheels?

No, electric folding bikes come in a variety of sizes. You can find electric folding bikes with 16-inch wheels, 20-inch wheels, and even 26-inch wheels. The size of the bike will not affect how it folds or its portability.

How much does an electric folding bike weigh?

Electric folding bikes typically weigh between 25 and 40 pounds. This weight can vary depending on the materials used in the frame and components and the size of the wheels.

What is the range of an electric folding bike?

The range of an electric folding bike varies depending on the battery size, but most electric folding bikes can travel between 15 and 30 miles on a single charge.

Do I need a license or registration to ride an electric folding bike?

You do not need a license or registration to ride an electric folding bike in most states. However, you may need a driver’s license if the motorised bicycle is considered a moped or motorcycle. Always check your local laws and regulations before riding.

Do I need disc brakes?

Disc brakes are not required on electric folding bikes, but they can be a good option if you plan to ride in wet or muddy conditions. Disc brakes will provide better stopping power than traditional rim brakes, making them safer for riding in all weather conditions.

How many gears do folding eBikes have?

Folding bikes typically have between 7 and 12 gears. The number of gears will not affect the bike’s performance, but it can be helpful to have more gears when riding on hills or on other difficult terrains.

Are folding electric bikes worth it?

Folding electric bikes can be a great investment for anyone who wants an easy-to-ride, compact bicycle. They are perfect for commuting, running errands, and even riding recreationally. Electric folding bikes are relatively new, so there is still uncertainty about their long-term durability. However, they have already proven popular among cyclists and are only expected to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Do you have to pedal an electric folding bike?

No, you do not have to pedal an electric folding bike. However, pedalling will help you go further and faster.

Can I take my electric folding bike on public transportation?

Yes, you can take your electric folding bike on public transportation. However, you may need to fold it up to fit on the bus or train.

How far do the best electric folding bikes go?

Depending on the motor, battery, and terrain, the best electric folding bikes can go 20-40 miles on a single charge.

How fast do electric folding bikes go?

Electric folding bikes can go up to 20 mph. This is determined by the motor and the rider’s pedalling.

What are the benefits of an electric folding bike?

The benefits of an electric folding bike are that it is easy to fold and take with you, and it will help you get up hills and go further than you could on a regular bike.

What should I look for when buying an electric folding bike?

When buying an electric folding bike, you should look for one with a strong frame, a powerful motor, and a large battery. You should also look for a bike with an easy-to-use controller and a clear display.

Are cheap folding bikes worth it?

Cheap folding bikes are not always the best quality, but you can find some good options if you know what to look for. Look for a bike with a strong frame and suitable components. You should also make sure the bike is easy to fold and carry.

How do I take care of my electric folding bike?

To take care of your electric folding bike, you should regularly keep the battery charged and clean the bike. You should also inspect the bike before each ride to ensure everything is in working order.

How much does an electric folding bike cost?

An electric folding bike can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000. The price depends on the quality of the bike and its features.

What is the best way to fold my bike?

The best way to fold your bike will depend on the type of folding mechanism it has. You should first remove any accessories attached to the bike for a side-folding bike, such as the saddlebag or panniers. Then, you can fold the bike in half from the side. For a centre-folding or cantilever-folding bike, you should first remove the front wheel and then fold the bike in half from the centre or top.

How do I carry my folded bike?

Most folding bikes come with a carrying bag or case. You can also use a backpack or messenger bag to carry your folded bike.

How do I store my folded bike?

You can store your folded bike in a closet, under a bed, or in a garage. If you plan on keeping your bike for an extended period, you should charge the battery and clean the bike before you put it away.

What are the different types of electric folding bikes?

There are three main types of electric folding bikes: pedal assist, throttle, and full power. Pedal-assist electric folding bikes provide power when pedalling, while throttle electric folding bikes have a throttle that you can use to get power.

Folding bikes, what benefits can they offer you?

The main benefit of a folding bike is that it is easy to carry with you and store. Folding bikes is also good for people who live in small apartments or have limited storage space. Another benefit of a folding bike is that it can be used on public transportation, such as buses and trains.

Folding bike components what to look out for?

The most important thing to look for in folding bike components is durability. You want to make sure the frame is made from a strong material, such as aluminium or steel. The components should also be high quality and easy to use.

How does a folding bike compare to a regular bike?

A folding bike is smaller and lighter than a regular bike, making it easier to carry and store. Folding bikes also have smaller wheels, making them slower than regular bikes.

Are electric folding bikes the future?

Electric folding bikes are becoming more popular as they offer the convenience of a traditional bike with the added benefit of electric power. Electric folding bikes are also environmentally friendly, as they emit no pollutants.

What do You need to Know About Motors Of Electric Folding Bike?

The motor is the heart of an electric bike, and there are three things to consider when choosing a motor for an electric folding bike: power, weight, and efficiency.

The first thing to consider is power. The higher the power, the faster the bike will go. However, more powerful motors also tend to be heavier and less efficient.

The second thing to consider is weight. The lighter the motor, the easier it will be to carry the bike. However, lighter motors also tend to be less powerful.

The third thing to consider is efficiency. The more efficient the motor, the longer the bike will be able to go on a single charge. However, more efficient motors also tend to be more expensive.

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