Best Kids BMX Bikes In Australia (2022 Buyers Guide)

If your child is keen to get into stunt cycling, you need the best kids BMX bikes in Australia! There’s nothing more fun or cool than riding a BMX!

However, if you’re looking for BMX bikes for girls or boys, it can be hard to make a purchasing decision. That’s why we’re bringing you our top buyer’s guide for this year. Read on and discover everything you need to know about buying kids BMX racing bikes.

Best Overall

2022 Polygon Razor BMX Bike

If you’re looking for great overall performance and good value for money, the Polygon Razor is ideal. Its alloy frame is lightweight while its quality components make it a high-performing choice.

Find The Best BMX Kids Bike For 2022 – Read Our Reviews Of The Best Kids BMX Bikes For Sale

Image Name Features
Best Overall Best Overall 2022 Polygon Razor BMX Bike 2022 Polygon Razor BMX Bike
  • Alloy V brake
  • Frame – Alloy
  • Tyres – 20”
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Best On A Budget Best On A Budget Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike
  • Weight – 12kg
  • Frame – Hi Ten Steel
  • Tyres – 18”
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Best for Performance Best for Performance Cult Juvi 18” BMX Bike Cult Juvi 18” BMX Bike
  • Weight – 43kg
  • Frame – Aluminium
  • Tyres – 18”
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Are you ready to find the best kids BMX bikes? Then read our top 3 reviews.

knowing about 16 Inch BMX Bike Australia is good if your kid is 4 to 7 years old.

1. 2022 Polygon Razor BMX Bike – Best Overall


  • Alloy V brake

  • Frame – Alloy
  • Handlebars – W:710 MM R:230 MM
  • Tyres – 20”

If you’re looking for great overall performance and good value for money, the Polygon Razor is ideal. Its alloy frame is lightweight while its quality components make it a high-performing choice.

Its alloy tubing is box-shaped and hydroformed. This makes it surprisingly lightweight without ever compromising on strength. It also boosts the stiffness ensuring the bike launches forwards under power.

The lightweight, narrow rims and tyres are designed for speed. This makes the Razor perfect for racing. Its 44 tooth upfront chainring and 16t at the back also helps to ensure maximum speed. 

The alloy V brakes are powerful but light. This allows for optimal braking power and reliability for your child’s safety.

With double wall alloy rims, the Razor can accommodate stunts and jumps with ease. It is built for lasting performance.

If you need a great value, overall high-performing BMX for your child, this is it.

2. Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX Bike – Best On A Budget


  • Weight – 12kg

  • Frame – Hi Ten Steel
  • Rider height – 3’8” – 4’8”
  • Tyres – 18”

If you’re looking for cheap BMX bikes for kids, the Mongoose Legion Sidewalk is ideal. Perfect for boys or girls between 3’8” and 4’8” in height, this is a great value option.

Offering the same high performance as a standard 20” BMX, this model comes with a Hi-Ten steel durable frame. This ensures that it is robust and strong enough to cope with tricks and stunts. 

The top tube length is 16.9” – perfect for smaller children. Meanwhile, the wheelset includes 18” 2.3” tyres on single wall aluminium 28H rims. These tyres are easy to manoeuvre while also having excellent traction. 

The u-brake is made from aluminium for optimal precision speed control. This is something that is essential for young riders to ensure their safety. 

The Hi-Ten steel fork and handlebar are joined at a 40mm stem, and the headset is threadless, integrated and sealed. This ensures optimal steering performance.

If you need an affordable BMX for a child who is just starting out with riding, this is ideal.

3. Cult Juvi 18” BMX Bike – Best For Performance


  • Weight – 43kg

  • Frame – Aluminium
  • Handlebars – 8”rise 24” wide
  • Tyres – 18”

If you’re looking for a high-performing BMX for your child, the Cult Juvi is an excellent option. This range of bikes has been around for over a decade and has proven itself in the field. 

A perfect bike for kids who want a top-performing bike, this model won’t disappoint. Its lightweight aluminium frame is easy to handle, allowing for stunts and jumps to be carried out.  Meanwhile the sealed mid-bottom bracket and cassette hubs are also outstanding features. They ensure that this bike is built to last and stand the test of time. 

All of this bike’s components are solid and of the highest quality. The Cult X Vans tyres and chromoly cranks are of the best standard. This ensures the very best performance. 

If your child is ready for their first expert-level BMX, this is the model for you.

The Verdict – Which Girls Or Boys BMX Bike Do We Recommend?

Although all three kids’ BMXs that we’ve recommended are great, overall we recommend the Polygon Razor. Durable yet lightweight, affordable yet high-performing, it’s a perfect all-rounder. Both boys and girls will love riding this bike and getting to grips with their first stunts.

young boy jumping from a ramp with his BMX

BMX Bikes For Kids FAQs

Perhaps the most important fact to consider is where your child will be riding their BMX. There are a number of different types of BMX bike (1) for kids. 

Road – these BMXs are strong enough so that they can stand up to being ridden on tarmac and cement. They may be heavy, but they’re durable and solid. 

Indoor bike parks – lots of kids like to practice in indoor bike parks. If your child will mostly be riding indoors they’ll need a lighter bike. This ensures they have enough air to do all those stunts. Slimmer tyres are also a good idea as there’s no worries about traction. 

Flatland – no-tangle brakes and front and back pegs are essential on flatland. A back centre that enables rolling in reverse is also key. 

Soil – bikes for earth riding come with bumpy tyres. This ensures safe traction on soil and rough surfaces. 

Course – if your child is planning on racing their BMX they need a big chainring. This helps them get up speed. Tyres that are capable of gaining traction on tracks are also important along with lightweight frames and strong brakes.

BMX tyres are designed specifically for use on different types of surface. It’s important to pick a bike with tyres that match the terrain your child will ride on. 

Tyres come in three types: 




A smooth tyre will have minimal tracking. Perfect for riding on flatland they’re also useful for use in bike parks and on inclines.

A multi-purpose tyre has more tracking but not enough to get in the way. This type of tyre is great for use on varying surfaces. It’s also perfect for road or park riding.

A bumpy tyre is thick with deep notches. This allows traction to be gained in soil and on trails. 

There are several thicknesses of BMX tyre. Usually, they are between 1.5” and 2.5” in thickness. A slimmer tyre will typically be faster while a thicker tyre will give stronger traction.

Pneumatic tension is also important. If your child will be doing stunts on a hard surface they need the tyre to be around 40-70psi (pounds per square inch(2)). A harder tyre with a 90psi or higher will be best for higher speeds.

A boys BMX bike will be similar to an adult BMX but will often be smaller. Standard 21” tubes are often too long for children. That means your child will need a smaller frame. The wheels, though, will be roughly the same size except for the youngest boys where the wheels are 16-18”.

Smaller handlebar grips are necessary so boys can get a good grip. Ribbed surfaces are essential though to prevent slippage during jumps and stunts.

A steel alloy or aluminium frame is often best for boys. It will give enough support and be relatively lightweight regardless of which surface they ride on.

Appearance may also be an issue as some boys BMX bikes look much cooler than others! Make sure, though, that you purchase a bike for your child that has the right balance of function and form.

There are very few differences between girls and boys’ BMXs. Often, though, girls are shorter so need a lower standover height and may need a lighter model. Aluminium frames are best for girls as they are light enough to allow girls to do tricks and stunts easily.

The tyres must be big enough to have sufficient traction on surfaces but need to be small enough to manoeuvre. This may mean that smaller tyres are required for girls, especially younger ones. 

Some BMX bikes come in traditionally “girly” colours. This may or may not be important to your daughter. A traditionally “boy-coloured” bike will serve just as well as long as the frame and wheels are the right size.

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