Best Drift Trike Australia

Drift trikes are such great fun, so it’s understandable that you’re excited to find yourself (or your kid) the best shiny trike out there.

But if you don’t know what kind of product or specific parts you’re looking for in a drift trike, you might buy a cheap knock-off made of poor-quality materials.

Not only will a tricycle like that break before you know it, but it might even be dangerous or not legal as well. And at the end of the day, you want to feel safe while you or your child rides that trike!

So that’s why we’ve thoroughly reviewed and tested the best drift trikes in Australia right now, and listed them in this short guide below. Ready to find out?

Best Choice

Razor DXT Drift Trike

Frame material: Aluminium
Weight: 8.8 kilograms
Colours available: Yellow
Features: Suitable for teenagers and adults, strong frame, Super Slider POM rear wheels, pro-style grips, front alloy V brake, adjustable seat

Top 3: Best Drift Trike Brands and Models of 2023

Image Name Features
Best Choice Best Choice Razor DXT Drift Trike Razor DXT Drift Trike
  • Weight: 8.8 kilograms
  • Colours available: Yellow
  • Frame material: Aluminium
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EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride On EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride On
  • Weight: 15 kilograms
  • Colours available: Green
  • Frame material: Alloy Steel
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Tribby Drift Electric Trike Tribby Drift Electric Trike
  • Weight: 17.5 kilograms
  • Colours available: White
  • Frame material: Abs
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There are so many different types of drift trike brands and models on the market today. Choosing the one that’s right for you (or your kid) can be difficult.

That’s why we’ve included some helpful tips and guidelines for you at the bottom of this article. So you know exactly what features and benefits to look for.

Of course, you can also save time and research and pick one of the three best drift trikes for sale, as listed below.

Good luck choosing your perfect new drift trike!

1. Razor DXT Drift Trike (Best Choice)


  • Frame material: Aluminium

  • Weight: 8.8 kilograms
  • Colours available: Yellow
  • Features: Suitable for teenagers and adults, strong frame, Super Slider POM rear wheels, pro-style grips, front alloy V brake, adjustable seat
  • Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The Razor DTX Drift Trike is the best choice overall. It is suitable for anyone aged 14 or up, and we can assure you it’s fun for people of all ages!

One of the main benefits of this drift tricycle is its robust and durable construction. You can feel it’s really made for action on the road, ready for heavy drifting or throwing fishtails!

It comes with an adjustable bucket-style seat for comfort and pro-style grips so your hands don’t slide off the handlebars while drifting.

Other benefits include the BMX-style platform pedals at the front for maximum impact and the front alloy V brake when that maximum pedalling power is getting too quick.

Who is it made for?

Anyone over the age of 14, which makes this drift trike a great choice for both young and old.

2. EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride On


  • Frame material: Alloy Steel

  • Weight: 15 kilograms
  • Colours available: Green
  • Features: Comfortable seat with back support, hands-free steering, wired hand brake, comes with 9″ extension to allow for longer legs
  • Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride-On was a strong contester for the first place as well. The first thing you’ll notice about the EzyRoller drift trike is how it doesn’t have any pedals or steering wheel!

Instead, this trike comes with a fun (and engaging!) hands-free steering and motion system. This means you have your hands free while riding, which opens up loads of play options.

Just imagine a cool game of drift trike tag, or shooting hoops from your trike!

Another added bonus of the special motion system is that riding your EzyRoller counts as a great exercise for your legs!

The trike further comes with a very comfortable, large seat with back support for comfy gliding, a wired hand brake for safety, and an easy-to-install 9″ extension to allow for longer legs.

Who is it made for?

The manufacturer notes this drift trike is suitable for anybody aged 10 or older. Due to the large seat is also often used by parents holding a small child in front of them. This makes it truly a trike for the whole family!

Say hello to the future! The Tribby Electric Kids Drift Trike stands out with a beautiful, slick design. The design also doesn’t contain sharp edges, making it safer for your kid to play with.

The battery-powered motor on this motorised drift trike allows your kid to ride in two different gears, making it fun for both younger and older children. It further comes with a seatbelt for extra safety and a large steering wheel for a firm grip while drifting.

Who is it made for?

This electric trike is for children only, so no adults are allowed on this one! Aside from that, the manufacturer doesn’t specify a specific age range for it.

Man drifting on drift trike

Now, before you head on to buy a new drift trike, there are some guidelines and standards that you need to follow to ride the trikes legally. Continue reading to find out what it means.

Are Drift Trikes Legal in Australia? Guidelines and Standards

We can all attest that drift trikes are one of the most fun vehicles. So there are lots of time I want to get drift trikes for myself and my kids.

But, I have always wondered about the laws regarding the “legality” of trikes in Australia. My curiosity led me to my research, and I discovered that many people have been asking the same question, “Are motorised drift trikes street legal?”

Nevertheless, I will share with you my findings on the use of drift trikes in Australia. In addition, you will also get to know about different cycling rules affecting cyclists and the standard requirements for using them in Australia.

Cycling Rules: Rules Affecting Cyclists and Motorists In WA

Generally, you can say that all-age cycling and drift trike riding are legal in the Western part of Australia. Anyone with a bicycle or drift trike can cycle on the footpath as long as they keep to the conditions and guiding principles.

For instance, before you begin any ride on a drift trike, there are a few things to note;

  • You must be familiar with all bicycle standards and equipment.
  • Understand the legislation for the use of shared paths.
  • Have full knowledge of all roads, footpaths, and intersections.

Motorised Bikes/Trikes Standard And Requirement In Australia

A Drift Trike is standing on racing track in Australia

Before knowing the standards and requirements for drift trikes usage in Australia, you need to understand its use. As a general claim, bicycles or trikes are legal vehicles with two (or more) wheels – propelled by human power through a chain, gear, or belt.

Universally, you can consider electric bikes, tricycles, and penny-farthings as all bicycles (1). However, any petrol-powered vehicle that does not meet the e-bike outlined requirements is illegal for public use.

Earlier in 2021 (January 22nd), the Australian government issued an update on e-bike permission requirements. The update featured new safety measures that will ensure any e-bike on the road causes no danger to other drivers and riders.

The new updated changes to motorized bikes (or trikes) requirement involved;

  1. Conformation to the new requirement with that of the European Standard EN 15194:2009+A1:2009 or EN 15194:2009
  2. Replacement of the used term “pedelec” with “electronically-powered assisted cycle.”
  3. Seating requirements and restrictions on power-assisted pedal cycles
  4. A new set weight limit for riders.

Permitted Motorised E-Bikes/Trikes

Furthermore, in terms of permitted motorized e-bikes/trikes usage, there are two types;

  • Electrically power-assisted cycles.
  • Power-assisted pedal cycles.

The idea of these permitted types of e-bikes is to assist the rider and not to take over. This means that the motor would never operate by itself but by the rider. The e-bikes will only help make the ride easier and smoother.

Electrically Power-Assisted Cycles

All vehicles that have power-assisted motors electrically should have a maximum continuous power rating of 250 Watts. However, there are a few guiding principles with the power output;

  • The motor cuts out power when the bicycle reaches 25km/h or the rider stops pedalling.
  • It reduces power progression as the bicycle’s speed increases.

Power-Assisted Pedal Cycles

Unlike electrically powered cycles, the power-assisted bikes assist the rider, but the means of propulsion remain solely by the pedals. Unfortunately, for you to use these vehicles in Southern Australia, only two categories have legal authorisation for use (2).

First, the power-assisted motorised drift trike should have an electric motor with a maximum power rating of 200 watts controlled by an accelerator throttle. In addition, the total weight of the trike must be less than 35kg (batteries included).

Rules Governing Power-Assisted Bicycles On-Road

There are specific rules that all riders of bikes/trikes must follow. And these rules do not affect the rider’s license to ride or vehicle registration. Some of these rules governing power-assisted bicycles on the road include;

  1. Any audible warning sound to alert others on the road like a bell
  2. Presence of a red rear-facing reflector at night
  3. Every rider must wear a helmet.
  4. All bikes must have white light and red light at the front and back, respectively, at night (with visibility from at least 200 metres).
  5. Responsive and effective brakes.

Based on research and earlier stated information in this article, it is clear that the answer to “are drift trikes legal in Australia” is yes and no.

However, as long as the drift trike meets all the required and mentioned standards for road use, you can consider it legal. But, if riders go against these rules in any aspect, they would have to suffer the consequences of “illegality.”

Drift Trike FAQs

All petrol-powered bicycles or trikes are illegal to use on NSW roads and areas like shared paths and footpaths. The reason for this is that all petrol-powered bikes ride faster than traditional bicycles.

This increased speed, in turn, affects the braking effectiveness and efficiency. So, for instance, with these petrol-powered trikes, the braking speed takes longer to bring the bicycle to a halt – which can be dangerous on footpaths.

Going by drift trike manufacturers, these vehicles are not for public road use (3). The designs make them suitable to function on only designated drift trike tracks.

Furthermore, you consider the safety of other road users because if a trike exceeds the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 1000kg (4), it is no longer classified as a tricycle. You can then term them as MC, MA, or NA ADR vehicles.

Yes, it is possible to attach a motor to a tricycle. You will need a custom adapter plate to securely bolt the motor to the trike’s rear end. This adapter plate can be made from mild steel tube, and should be designed to fit the specific make and model of your trike.

However, a motor trike is probably safer than just a motorcycle because other drivers are more likely to see it. Also, the likelihood of being rear-ended is reduced because the third wheel provides additional stability and makes the trike less prone to tipping over. Although a motor trike may be more expensive to purchase and operate than a motorcycle, the increased safety may be worth the extra cost.

Most drift trike motors provide between 6.5 and 7 HP, giving you the perfect power to effortlessly cruise up hills without being dangerous. This amount of power is perfect for those who want to get up hills and maintain safety while doing so quickly.