Is Riding a Tricycle Good Exercise? 3 Healthy Benefits

Well, undertaking physical activities regularly helps reduce our susceptibility to diseases like cancer, heart failure, and obesity.

Currently, many lose interest in staying fit because they feel it involves going to the gym. Well, the good
news is, you do not have to register with a gym to keep fit.

Yes. There are other ways to keep fit.

Have you ever heard of adult tricycle riding? Riding a tricycle is something enjoyable for everyone,
irrespective of age bracket. Who would not subscribe to a high-impact sport that does not damage
ankles, feet, and knees?

So, is riding the best adult tricycle good exercise? We would provide you with answers to this question in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Riding a Tricycle? Healthwise

Stress Reduction and Life Enhancement

Stress reduces the quality of our lives greatly, which is why we need to unwind and relax at every given
opportunity. Now, imagine riding your tricycle down a well-paved road, with the sun before you and the
wind behind you. What better way to unwind?

Biologically, riding a bike makes our bodies release endorphins. These feel-good chemicals are ideal for
improving the mood and warding off depression. This, in turn, eliminates the stressed-out feel while
improving the quality of our lives.

With that said, riding a tricycle is good for improving physical health and mental health (1).

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Remain Fit and Active

Do you want to be part of the 3 million people that lose their lives annually as a result of physical
inactivity? This is a statistic from the world health organization (WHO) (2). If this does not motivate you
to exercise, then maybe seeing your grandchildren grow up would.

What better way to remain fit and healthy if not through regular exercise?

The World health organization recommends we undertake moderately intensive physical exercises for at least one hour every week. The exercises should revolve around core strength as well as aerobic fitness.

The good news here is, that riding a tricycle every day helps you meet these WHO fitness standards.

How is that possible?

Riding a bike puts your hands, legs, muscles, and brain to work, improving core strength and aerobic fitness.

Osteoporosis is one disease that plagues senior citizens. It is a condition where the bones are weak, thereby increasing their tendency to fracture.

The reason for this condition is the reduction in the density of human bones as they age. Riding a tricycle can help take care of this condition by making bones stronger (3).

Want to be able to maintain energy levels even in old age? Want to retain the ability to carry your luggage when traveling without assistance? Then I suggest you start cycling daily.

Cycling helps build and tone your muscle, ensuring you remain active even in old age.

Protects from Injury

Would riding it not result in any form of injury? This is one question many often asked when it comes to riding a tricycle for exercise. The simple answer to this question is No. By their designs, adult tricycles do not give room for injury.

Stretching your hands for a long time to grip ill-fitting handles would cause more harm than good. This is why adult tricycles feature a handlebar placed at the right height for maximum comfort and grip.

The seats of this tricycle provide enough support for the back. Some feature seats are made from memory foam that helps alleviate muscle fatigue.

There is no danger of straining your legs and pelvic joints when mounting or dismounting from a tricycle. This makes it ideal for all your fitness needs.

A man riding a tricycle

Are Tricycles Good Exercise?

Most times, we consider a good exercise as any movement that gets sweat pouring down our faces and entire body. But that’s not the case. Any movement that increases your heart rate would help you burn those excess calories.

Riding a tricycle is an ideal exercise as you burn calories in a relaxed position.


One great idea for a healthy life in old age is keeping fit. Keeping fit does not only occur at the gym or other designated places. You can do it in style too with a tricycle.

So, before you go about asking, is riding a tricycle a good exercise? We believe the above information has answered this question.

For senior citizens, that have been weakened by old age, going to the gym or running a treadmill is not feasible. This pleads a case for the use of an adult tricycle for their exercise needs. With this tricycle, exercise becomes more fun and less stressful.


Riding a Tricycle would help you burn fat. But not as much as exercises like running or stairs climbing. Burning fat involves creating a calories deficit. To lose 1 pound of fat, you would have to lose 3500 calories. A person weighing 200-pound would burn 364 calories while normally cycling at a 10 miles per hour pace.

Are you wondering which is safer to ride? There is no direct answer to this question. If your question on safety tends towards loss of control, then the answer is a tricycle. These trikes are more stable than bicycles and do not tip over easily.

Considering their design, tricycles are more stable than their two-tyre counterpart. It offers adults more comfort and stability during long bike rides.

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