What Are The Brightest Bike Lights in 2022? Top Choice

While riding a bike is fun, riding one with bright bike lights in low light conditions is safer. We judge bike lights by their brightness, which is a function of their lumen, and light type. 

So what are the brightest bike lights on the market? Read on to find out!

Brightest Bike Light On The Market

When looking for the best bike lights in Australia that offer better brightness, there are so many factors you need to consider. Chief among these factors is the lumen. This feature measures the quantity of light emitted by a source per unit of time. To better understand, the lumen measures how bright a bike light is, and the distance the light emitted would cover [1].

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Since we know just how important bright bike lights are in ensuring your safety in low light conditions, we have a list of the brightest lights available.

A bike with Bike Light standing in rain in Australia

Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light

The Victagen features dual XML-T6 white LED lights with a lumen of 2400! This is massive, considering that with such lumens, you could drive safely through an unlit street.With 2400 lumen output, this light paves your way up to 300 yards. It is rechargeable light with powerful built-in 18500 batteries. You can recharge this light using a USB! Isn’t that amazing? Using this piece of equipment is not cumbersome, as it is easy to attach and does not come with wires or external batteries.

Do you drive long-distance? This bicycle light gives you four solid hours in high brightness working mode. The headlight has 4 other modes, including; High, Medium, Low, and Strobe, and you could turn it on using a one-touch switch. With this bike light, you also get a taillight, which features three modes; high, fast flash, and slow flash. In addition, you can use the tail light to alert other road commuters to your presence on the road. Thus, it keeps you safe on the road [2]. It is also a durable piece of equipment made from aluminum.

Cygolite Metro Pro Bike Light

Are you looking for a multifunctional bike light that offers great brightness? Or a smart bike light (For the lack of a better term)? Look no further than Cygolite Metro Pro Bike light. This light emits an enormous 1100 lumen which brightens your way.  It has 9 lighting modes which include three daytime modes and six nighttime modes for optimal vision. The nighttime modes include;

  • High: With this mode, you get a runtime of 1 hour, 30minutes
  • Boost: runtime when using this mode is 1 hour
  • Medium: The runtime using this mode is 3 hours
  • Steady pulse: Under this mode, you get a runtime of 4 hours
  • Low: You get a runtime of 10 hours with this mode
  • Walking: At walking mode, you could use this equipment for 100 hours before recharging

The daytime modes include;

  • Triple flash: 22 hours runtime is a guarantee
  • Daylighting: This mode works best during the day, and it has a runtime of 14 hours
  • Zoom: Using this mode, the runtime is 4 hours

Using a steady pulse makes you stand out during the day with steady overlapping beams of light. This helps you prevent accidents from oncoming vehicles, as light alerts drivers to your presence.

The beam emitted by this equipment is extra far-reaching. It is USB rechargeable and comes with a micro USB charging Cable. It also has a low battery indicator and has fast charging capability. It is easy to mount on your bike and weighs 150 grams.

NiteRider (6776) Lumina Combo Bike Headlight

NiteRider headlight This bike light features a light with 1100 lumens. This is several lumens above average, making it ideal for use at night. In addition, the Lumina capacity of this light ensures it covers a long distance, ensuring your safety.

Fitted with 6 light modes, the NiteRider Bike light is multifunctional. There is a daylight flash mode in its light modes, which is ideal for use during the day. Attached to this bike light is a taillight that alerts other commuters to your presence on the road at night.

The NiteRider is also easy to use. Holding the power button for 7 seconds turns the light on or off. It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which is USB chargeable. It is dust resistant, ensuring it retains its beauty over a longer period.


We, Bicycle lovers, know that there is no ideal time for riding the bike. We love riding both day and night. This is why a bright bike light is important. A bike light ensures your safety at all times, paving the way for you and alerting oncoming vehicles of your presence.

With every information above, you already know what are the brightest bike lights. We examined four of the brightest bike lights, judged by the number of lumens they emit. The Victagen tops the chart with 2400 Lumens.


500 Lumens is the minimum standard for bike lights. Installing one above 500 is ideal for use on lit streets. However, for use on unlit roads, bike lights of above 1000 are perfect as it gives you enough foresight for confident rides.

Depending on where you ride your bike the most, lights rated 1000 lumens, and above are ideal for off-road riding at night. If the road features oncoming vehicles, then around 600 lumens are perfect, so you do not dazzle oncoming drivers.

Flashing lights are to alert oncoming drivers to your presence. At night your front white light and the rear red light should be on.

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