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As a cyclist, we look at the sophistication of pro bike computers that make your ride more fun. Before now, Garmin and Wahoo dominated the professional bike industry market. And seeing how the pro riders used these computers has made them the top recommended option. Constant cycling computer reviews help keep the industry making better products.

But over the years and current pro peloton, some new bike computer brands made appearances. It means brands other than Garmin and Wahoo that are perfect for a professional cyclist. So other than these two brands, we will reveal to you what bike computer do pros use.

What Bike Computers Do The Pros Use?

First of all, let’s highlight the two popular and top bike computers used by professionals. 

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

For most beginner cyclists, a bike computer has limited uses like navigation and route guidance. However, to a professional rider, a bike computer does so much more. An instance is the Tour de France; in this tournament, the pro peloton works by monitoring the individual performance of riders [1].

A pro rider considers attributes like cadence, power, and accurate timing when choosing computer brands. This is where the Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer comes in. It is the first choice bike computer for top teams BORA-Hansgrohe and Deceuninck inclusive.

So, why do pro bikers prefer this computer?

The biggest reason is that it merges flawlessly with several sensors already on their bikes. The fact that it features wireless connectivity, customisable screens, text and email alerts makes it a better buy. A pro biker would not get lost using this computer thanks to its GPS, global maps, and automatic route downloads feature. Wired vs wireless bike computer is another question people have.

That’s not all.

The wahoo bolt bike computer comes with software programs like Strava and Kamoot. It also features hardware integration such as muscle oxygen sensors and pedal monitors. What’s more, its different mounting options make it a versatile bike computer.

Garmin Edge 130

A boy with Bike Computer on his bike in Australia

This brand develops several bike computers, but the Garmin Edge 130 stands out the most for pro cyclists. Why?

While this pro biker computer is sophisticated in functionality, it is also easy to use. It features GPS with software like GLONASS and Galileo satellites which improve its efficiency. 

With the Garmin Edge 130, professionals will enjoy an altimeter function that records all riding parameters. These include speed, distance covered, total distance to destination, and energy expended while riding.

The beauty of this device is its rugged design which assures durability. It also features a 1.8″ display screen that is easy to read in ideal and low-light conditions.

This bike computer also reads how high you have ridden, making it ideal for pro riders that take tours. 

Here is more to this device.

It is also compatible with cycling awareness accessories such as rearview radar and smart bike lights. These accessories help improve the rider’s awareness of competitors while also making the rider a tad safer.

When connected to compatible devices, the functionality of this computer becomes limitless. For example, you get smart notifications and weather reports. What’s more, it sports a live track and assistance feature. With these features, you can let your colleagues in a race know your location.

Other Bike Computers for Professionals

Magene C406 Bike Computer 

With the Magene bike computer, you are getting a professional computer that is both multifunctional and efficient. Furthermore, it is the second bike computer in the world designed while considering the principles of aerodynamics. When it comes to cycling, aerodynamic is very important [2]. This bike helps you minimalise aerodynamic drag due to its well-shaped design. 

It is lightweight, weighing only 29 grams. The Magene pro bike computer offers you a maximum of 30 data pages to use. Also, a single data page displays seven data items. 

You could also customise the data pages to your taste, as each single data field affords you 16 choices. There are nine data categories with 37 available data items on this computer. There are also 26 adjustable bike computer settings.

This computer, when connected to the appropriate sensors, displays several data, including;

  • Estimated rider power
  • Lap counting
  • Left/right power balance

Irrespective of your riding level, from amateur to professional, the Magene C406 computer meets all your needs.

This computer affords you the ability to both charge and record data simultaneously and has 30-hour battery life. In addition, it features four satellite positioning systems, including GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and GLONASS navigation systems.

You could also connect the Magene C406 computer to a wide range of ANT and Bluetooth sensors.


While several bike computer brands are available, we cannot say the same for professional bike computers.

But with the information provided above, you already know what bike computer do the Pros Use.  We have highlighted four bike computers used by professionals; Wahoo ELEMNT, Garmin Edge, Magene C406,  and XOSS G. These models stand out because of the functionality they offer professionals.


Yes, Pro cyclists make better use of bike computers. They do not use the same kind in general supply, though. They often go for high-end computers that would offer them the functionality they require to compete at the highest level. 

Their bike computers often come with four satellite positional systems, high connectivity, and aerodynamics features.

Wahoo bike computers are great. It has a good battery life, a legible screen, and is easy to use. It is also highly functional and offers good competition to the Garmin 130 bike computers.

Yeah, GPS is a fundamental component of pro bike computers. While a GPS app on the phone decreases its battery life significantly, the reverse is with bike computers. A bike computer could run for 10 + hours with GPS active.

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