What Bike Lights Do Pros Use? Best Options for Professional Cyclists

Have you ever wondered what bike lights pros use? As a professional cyclist on the lookout for a new bike light, you might be in doubt about which one to purchase. This is due to the large number of Bike Lights manufacturers that have sprung up over the past decade.

This article aims to end your worries by highlighting the best bicycle lights pros use.

Top 3 Best Professional Bike Lights

A bike light on a bike in Australia


The professional cyclist can’t go wrong with the CYGOLITE Metro Pro. This Professional Bike Light provides maximum brightness throughout its run time.  Its brightness equips a cyclist with the confidence needed to ride through dark areas without any fear whatsoever.

How many lumens should a good bike light have?

The Cygolite Metro Pro is extremely easy to mount.  Besides, its mount is durable and work great to hold the bike light very firmly on all terrains without rattling.

It shines an intensely focused beam that travels many feet ahead, allowing you to maximise your line of sight. This bike light also features a side-side swivel for wide coverage.

This light is not limited to night use only but also equipped with numerous settings suitable for daytime cycling. Included among the daytime settings is the “double flash” feature to alert incoming motorists about your presence. Depending on the daytime settings you choose, the battery has a runtime that ranges from 4 – 14 hours.

In addition to the efficient run time of the battery, it has a fast charging time. It also features a low battery indicator that alerts you when it’s time to charge. Furthermore, it is lightweight, thanks to its mass of less than 150g.

In addition, the CYGOLITE Metro Pro is IP67 Water resistant. So, no worries riding your bike with the light in the rain.

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CYGOLITE Dash Pro Bicycle Headlight

The CYGOLITE Dash Pro Bicycle Headlight feature bright 600 Lumen bike light that pierces through the darkness as you cycle at night. The lens of the Dash Pro Headlight was uniquely designed to allow bright beams to travel both far and wide. The mount is flexible, and you can use it on most handlebars without rattling, including aero bars.

In addition to its superb night features, the pro bike headlight also has several settings suitable for daytime cycling—the most significant being its powerful lightning-like flashes that highlight other cyclists about your presence on the road.

The Dash Pro Headlights has eight lighting modes: low, medium, high, Daylighting, quad-LED flash, quad-LED steady, steady pulse mode [1]. When you turn off the Dash Pro Headlight, the mode it was set to before going off stays the same when turned back on.

The Dash Pro Bicycle Headlight features a water-resistant design and is also lightweight, weighing only 95 grams. In addition, the CYGOLITE Dash Pro has an indicator that alerts you when the battery is low so that you can recharge it.

Overall, the Dash Pro Bicycle Headlight provides the user great value for their money.

Garmin Varia UT800

The Garmin Varia UT800 is one of the best bike lights on the market today, thanks to its smart functionality. The smart light can adjust its brightness to provide the most suitable lighting mode to conserve battery life.

This bike light has 5 light modes: low, medium, and high modes. The other modes include the day flash, which offers a brightness of more than 700 lumens and a night flash of up to 300 lumens. When fully charged, the intense light beams of the light can be seen in daylight from a distance of over 1 mile.

The smart bike light features a sleek, solid build. It is also easy to mount and stays firmly secured once in place without jingling. Besides, it is functional to use due to its small size, allowing you to focus one hundred percent on your cycling.

The battery life of the smart Garmin Varia UT800 ranges from 1.5 to 25 hours (the high 800 lumens and the day flash 700 lumens, respectively), depending on the mode it’s been set to [2]. What’s more, Garmin Varia UT800 comes with a micro-USB charging cable that plugs into the back of the unit to recharge the battery.


When you aspire to become one of the best cyclists in the world, you should know what bike lights pros use. Hopefully, after reading the above information, you’ll find it easier to get the best professional bike light when you need one.


A buyer purchasing a new bike light might not be sure how many lumens it should be. While there is no consensus on a specific number, there are some guidelines. During the day, a 100 Lumen headlight is enough to be seen by oncoming motorists.  In rural areas, 400+ Lumen is recommended [3]. In addition, 20 to 100 Lumens are enough for the rear.

During mountain bike trail riding, the bar light should be in a range of 1500 to 2000 Lumen. When the light is on a helmet, 700 to 900 Lumen is allowed.

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