When Should I Buy My Toddler A Tricycle? Important Factors To Consider

A tricycle is one plaything children adore. They are often fascinated by its design and how it moves when they pedal it. 

But for many parents who want to get one for their baby, their biggest question is, when should I buy my toddler the best toddler trike? We understand that this is a major concern to ensure the safety of the kid.  

Well, unless you buy the right tricycle at the right time and stage of development, you might be wasting money. So, as a parent or loved one looking to buy a tricycle for your toddler, there are factors to consider. Read on to find out.

When To Buy A Tricycle For Toddlers – Factors To Consider

1. Tricycle Balance

I know you feel this is a strange factor to consider since a tricycle has three wheels. But we are not only considering tricycle balance, but also the body balance of your baby. Your baby should be able to get on and off the tricycle without either of them losing balance. 

Another aspect of balance involves being able to sit upright without falling off the tricycle. The Tricycle rule of thumb is, that if your child cannot run or walk properly, do not buy a tricycle.

Our toddler tricycle with parent handle guide can help you to buy a trike for your toddler.

2. Mind and Body Coordination

A tricycle affords the toddler innumerable benefits, from coordination and balance to independence (1)

Riding a tricycle is not as straightforward as it appears. There are several facets to properly riding a tricycle, including riding in a straight line. The ability to pedal effectively and dodge hurdles by steering adeptly involves good coordination.

Your child has to have some form of spatial awareness before riding a tricycle. So, before buying a tricycle for toddlers, ensure the toddler has learned how to control his body and mind.

3. Child’s Strength

This is an important factor to consider when buying a tricycle for toddlers. You do not want the toddler getting stressed as a result of riding a tricycle. Pedaling and steering the tricycle requires a considerable amount of strength.

If your child is strong enough to pedal and steer a tricycle comfortably without strain, then buying a kid’s tricycle is great.

4. Child’s Height

Remember, it is pedaling that moves the tricycle. The ability to reach the pedal comfortably is a function of the child’s height. The main thing here is for the toddler to be comfortable.

If your child would have to stretch to reach the pedal, then enjoying riding might become difficult. 

So, how do you know if your child is tall enough to take on the challenge of riding a tricycle? If your child’s feet touch the ground when seated on the tricycle chair. This factor is also important because slowing down the tricycle involves touching the foot on the ground.

A kid is riding a Tricycle in Australia

Safety Suggestions That Would Reduce The Risk Of Injury To Your Child

The following expert suggestions would help reduce to the minimum the safety risks associated with riding a tricycle.

  • While most children are ready for the tricycle challenge from age three, some are not. So, please do not buy a tricycle until you feel your child is physically prepared to handle it.
  • Balance is key, and toddler tricycles closer to the ground often have more balance than their high counterparts. Also, the presence of big wheels helps reduce the tendency of the tricycle to tip over
  • A helmet is important for safety, so buy a fitting helmet. Also, teach the child how to use it properly and always (2)
  • Your child should not ride tricycles in places with automobile traffic or close to a swimming pool. Ensure the riding space is safe.
  • While most children want to ride the two-wheel bicycle, it is impossible for most until they get to age seven. This is a result of the lack of balance and muscle coordination. But after age six, most children can ride a bicycle with training wheels attached for safety (3).


When should I buy my toddler a tricycle? Many people looking to buy this cycle for their kids keep asking this question. Well, the information above has answered these questions and some others you are yet to ask.

The factors you need to consider when buying a tricycle for your child include;

  • Body and mind coordination
  • Balance
  • Strength 
  • Height

Taking these factors into consideration would help ensure you do not buy the wrong kind of tricycle for your child.


The appropriate age for cycling is between ages two and four. At this age, the child has the mental capacity to learn how to steer.

Tricycles are often a poor fit for toddlers because most of them cannot reach the pedals. 

But that shouldn’t be a setback. 

Using the steering helps improve hand strength. This training comes in handy when the child starts learning how to use the cutlery and writing.

Riding a Tricycle helps build the child’s balance as well as coordination. This occurs when the child starts learning how to steer the trike effectively. Hand and eye coordination also benefit from this training, and it happens when the child starts dodging hurdles.

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